Guide to public toilets around Church Street, Brighton

You’re out shopping, discovering new stores and having a jolly good time. Then it suddenly hits you – the urge to pee.

You look around but can’t see a sign for nearby toilets anywhere, and start to enter a mild panic. We’ve all been there.

That’s why we’ve got you covered for the next time you’re in a pickle. When you’re next in the area be sure to refer to our handy map that lists all the local amenities including bathrooms.

Here’s where you can find public toilets around the Church Street shopping precinct in Brighton.

Well Street carpark toilets

If you’re at the south end of Church Street, take the laneway that connects Church Street and Wells Street to get to this loo (hint: it’s between retailers Kookai and Autumn Gallery Jewellery).

The laneway is decorated with a vibrant mural that features icons of Brighton including the famous Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes – it makes for a rather pleasant scenic route to the lavatory.

If you’ve parked in the Wells Street carpark, near Woolworths, then simply head towards Church Street to access the amenities. There are male and female toilets and they’re surprisingly clean and well maintained.

Dendy Plaza toilets

Towards the north end of bustling Church Street, you’ll find a men’s room and a lady’s room within the Dendy Plaza.

They’re located towards the rear of the building, underneath the stairs that lead to Palace Cinemas Dendy Brighton.

Middle Brighton Station toilets

If you’re travelling to or from Brighton by train and need to attend to your business between travels, make use of the toilets at Middle Brighton Station.

Public Transport Victoria has advised that Middle Brighton Station has accessible toilets. If they are locked, simply ask station staff for access.

Billilla Mansion toilets

If you happen to be at Brighton’s historic property Billilla Mansion and nature calls, fear not.

The grounds, located a short distance from the southern end of Church Street, offer public toilets for males and females, and are well maintained.

Do you know of any other toilets around the Church Street shopping precinct? If we’ve missed any, please let us know on our Facebook page.