Discover Brighton Travelworld in Church Street

A travel agency in Brighton has helped people to explore the world with confidence for almost 50 years.

Brighton Travelworld opened in 1968 and is one of Church Street’s longest serving traders.

Managing Director Julie Avery said Brighton Travelworld was the only retail suburban travel agency that has been in the same location since opening for business.

Over the years, Brighton Travelworld has evolved and adapted to new ways of booking and managing travel, especially since the advent of the internet.

Ms Avery said the agency had to become more alert to travel options available online but the business continues to thrive.

“Despite changes with online, our turnover has grown each year and we are continuing to grow,” she said.

Ms Avery said a lot of Brighton Travelworld’s clients preferred to book intricate travel components through an agent, especially in cases where they may not feel confident booking it themselves online.

“We often get clients that have done a lot of research on the internet but then they come to us to book everything. They have an idea of the places they want to go but we help them tie it all together,” she said.

“We book a lot of things like rail tickets, private transfers, things that we get concierges to do for us, tours and complicated itineraries. It’s the things that maybe our clients may not know how to do themselves.”

Brighton Travelworld Managing Director Julie Avery

Brighton Travelworld Managing Director Julie Avery. Image: Brighton Travelworld.

A travel agency that offers value

A common misconception is that a lot of people think booking travel via an agent will cost more, Ms Avery said.

“The price that people see on the internet is almost always the same price as what we sell those components for – especially if it’s for the same flight, on the same date with the same conditions,” she said.

“There’s also a misunderstanding that booking through an agent in Brighton will cost more than booking through an agent in say Bentleigh, and that’s just not the case. Virtually everything that we sell is governed by the price that is set by the supplier.”

Ms Avery said there were also many aspects of travel that people overlooked when booking themselves online, such as choosing a travel arrangement that suited their situation.

For instance, they may see a direct flight from Melbourne to London for a cheaper price online but it may involve two or three stop overs, which may not be particularly noticeable at the time of booking. While the person may save $200 on the airfare, they lose a day of travel and have to fork out money to accommodate an overnight stay at one of the stop overs.

“These are the kinds of things we look out for when booking flights and travel itineraries for our clients, to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible,” Ms Avery said.

The consultants at Brighton Travelworld are experienced and well-travelled, and can offer sound advice on suitable travel arrangements to suit a person’s circumstances.

“We may be dealing with a family with young children who think getting on a 6am flight is suitable. But our advice to them would be to pay a little more for a midday flight so they can avoid the hassle of such an early flight when they have the challenge of travelling with children,” Ms Avery said.

Travellers can also save hours and hours spent searching online for the best deal by leaving it all in the hands of a trusted agent, Ms Avery said.

Whether it’s a flight to Brisbane or an extensive round-the-world trip, each client is given the same care and attention to detail, Ms Avery said.

Our clients keep coming back because we treat their travel plans as if they were our own.

Travel with peace of mind

Another benefit of booking travel through Brighton Travelworld is the peace of mind that travel arrangements can be taken care of even when you’re on holiday.

Ms Avery said clients often amended their travel plans while they were on their trip.

“In cases where clients want to come home earlier or extend their trip by a few days, our travel agents can take care of those arrangements and allow the client to enjoy their travels instead of worrying about how they will amend their bookings and not knowing where to begin with it.

“Or, if a traveller happens to be in a location where something goes wrong, we’re likely in a better position to help get them home than they may be themselves.”

It’s this attention to detail and expertise that allows people to avoid stress while travelling.

“We’re professional, well-travelled and passionate about giving our clients the best value we can. We want our clients to go and enjoy their holiday without having to worry about any issues that may come up while they’re away.”

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