Installation view of the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize 2015

Installation view of the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize 2015. Image: Bayside Council.

A new committee has been appointed to guide the strategic direction of Brighton’s Gallery at the Bayside Arts and Culture Centre (BACC) and make vital decisions for its future.

Melbourne is known as a city of arts and culture and the gallery, located in Brighton Town Hall, plays a major role in it.

Offering artists at any point in their career a place to display their work, the Gallery@BACC is a landmark in Brighton’s local arts community.

The new committee has been named the Gallery@BACC board and is made up of individuals from various areas of the art industry.

The members of the board are made up of exhibition manager Charlotte Christie; cultural business manager Cindy Carrad; marketing and brand specialist Roger Boyce; accountant Patrick Christian; fundraiser Angelina Beninati; and artist consultant Tiziana Borghese. 

Over the three years of their appointment, the board will develop a four-year plan for the Gallery@BACC and manage the arts and heritage collection.

Bayside Mayor James Long said the gallery hosted up to ten exhibitions each year that enriched the cultural community of Bayside.

“The experts selected (for the committee) have been drawn from a range of sectors with experience in finance, marketing, fundraising, governance and arts administration. They all share a great passion for the arts and to work for the betterment of the Bayside community,” he said.

“Through this new board, council will set a new strategic vision for the gallery and collection and leverage new and exciting opportunities.”

In addition to hosting displays by local artists, the Gallery@BACC also presents diverse works by non-local artists which adds to the rich arts scene of Brighton’s local community.

The Gallery@BACC board will continue the work done previously by the Bayside Arts and Heritage Collections committee.

Visit the gallery to see ‘The Ordinary Instant’ installation, running until September 11. It includes more than 50 works from Clarice Beckett from 1919 – 1935, as well as new contributions from female artists including Camilla Tadich, Lynne Boyd, Saffron Newey and many more.

The Gallery@BACC is located in the Brighton Town Hall at the corner of Carpenter and Wilson streets, Brighton.