Dendy Park, Brighton Toilets

Brighton locals and visitors to Dendy Park will be able to access new toilet facilities, thanks to a $220,000 council project.

Bayside Council will construct the new facilities as budgeted in its 2015/2016 capital works program and according to details in the Dendy Park Master Plan 2014. However, the location of the new toilet facility will be amended following feedback from the community.

Mayor Felicity Frederico said the new toilet facilities would now be built closer to the playground on the east side of Dendy Park and would be positioned further away from adjacent properties.

“This is one of the most popular playgrounds in Bayside, and anyone who uses the playground will welcome the new facilities,” Cr Frederico said.

“We reviewed all possible locations in Dendy Park and feel confident from our consultation with the community and key stakeholders such as Victoria Police that we have settled on the best location for the new toilet facility.

“The location of this new toilet facility will increase usability, enable vegetation retention, and enhance community safety, as toilet entrance doors will be visible from the playground.”

Victoria Police suggested removing the opportunity for anti-social behaviour by constructing the new toilet facility in a location that allows for maximum level of passive surveillance.

Location and usage analysis suggests that a 2-bay rather than 3-bay disabled/unisex toilet will accommodate existing and future demands at Dendy Park.

“We’ll continue to consult our community to ensure our services and facilities are accessible and inclusive, while responding to their current and future needs,” Cr Frederico said.

Dendy Park has been identified as one of Bayside’s five regional parks and is primarily used as a sports ground and for passive family recreation.

Dendy Park is located on the corner of Dendy St and Nepean Highway, Brighton East.