Bayside mayor Alex del Porto at Brighton’s Dendy Park Pavilion

Brighton locals are enjoying the results of a huge upgrade to facilities at Dendy Park, one of the most popular outdoor sports facilities in Bayside.

The Dendy Park Pavilion, home to numerous sports clubs including Brighton Soccer Club and Brighton District Cricket Club, now has female-friendly change rooms, making it easier for women and girls to participate in local sports and outdoor activities.

Bayside mayor Alex del Porto (pictured, above) said the new pavilion will benefit the large number of sportswomen who use the area.

“The wonderful new pavilion is equipped with female-friendly, accessible facilities to accommodate the growing number of young sportspeople and girls in particular,” he said.

“Bayside City Council has been very active in promoting better sports facilities for women and girls at all levels of government. As the largest multi-sport pavilion in Bayside, Dendy Park Pavilion is the embodiment of that campaign.”

Brighton’s Dendy Park Pavilion gets $3.5 million upgrade

The new pavilion at Brighton’s Dendy Park.

Other improvements to the Dendy Park Pavilion include new referee/umpire rooms, a first aid room, more storage, administration and social areas, and accessible public toilets for casual park users and school groups.

The upgrade has involved replacing the two old pavilions on the site with one modern building, completed in August 2017.

The new design, by Dale Cohen Architects, is environmentally sustainable with a lowered carbon footprint.

The upgrade is part of a $10 million upgrade at Dendy Park, which will include new fitness equipment, public toilets, a playground and BBQ facilities, and better public parking facilities.

A 1.8km exercise circuit with exercise stations was installed at Dendy Park in 2016.

Cr Alex Del Porto said the recent improvements to the facilities at Dendy Park Pavilion is part of the council’s commitment to providing community sporting infrastructure for residents of Brighton and surrounds.


All images thanks to Bayside Council.

An artist's impression of the new pavilion at Dendy Park, Brighton.

An artist's impression of the new pavilion at Dendy Park, Brighton.