Brighton hot spots on Bay Trail to be made safer

Four hot spots in the Brighton section of Bayside’s Bay Trail will be made safer as part of a project to prevent hazards along the shared path.

Bayside Council’s improvement plan aims to ensure one of Bayside’s most popular attractions continues to be safe and enjoyable.

The council will work with the community to ensure that proposed solutions resolve any problems and are in line with community expectations.

Works to the Brighton section of the trail have already started with an option for the path near Sandown Street Beach already available for public comment.

Mayor Cr Alex del Porto said following consideration of feedback work was expected to begin in May.

“The area around Sandown Street Beach, which is home to Brighton’s much loved dog beach, is very popular but is prone to congestion,” Cr del Porto said.

The next Brighton site to be addressed will be the area south of the dog beach, adjacent to Middle Brighton Baths, with works expected to take place in 2018.

The trail at Dendy Street, north of Gould Street, and Kinane Street will also undergo upgrades as part of the project.

Cr del Porto said the council had spent $1.2 million over six years to improve sections of the 17km shared foreshore trail but hazards at 13 locations across Bayside still needed to be addressed.

“Tackling these safety hazards will require more complex solutions to address issues related to path width and adjacent hazards,” he said.

The repairs are expected to make the trail more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.