new Bayside mayor Alex del Porto

Bayside has elected its longest serving councillor, Alex del Porto to the position of mayor.

A council veteran, Cr del Porto has previously served as mayor several times in the past two decades.

Cr del Porto has lived in East Brighton for 31 years and is also a father of four.

Outside of local government, del Porto and has maintained a long career as a secondary school teacher of humanities subjects.

As an educator, Cr del Porto takes an active council role in engaging with local youth groups and organisations including Resident Youth Australia.

Following his election, Cr del Porto said he strongly identified with Bayside’s community goals.

“Bayside is home to a passionate community who have a deep pride in their local environment and a strong commitment to enhancing and protecting the liveability of our city,” he said.

“I look forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with our community and my fellow councillors to make Bayside a better place.”

Del Porto’s election came amidst intense local interest concerning the upcoming Dendy Street beach upgrade and plans to redevelop the Brighton Lifesaving Club.

This postcard-perfect pocket of Bayside has long been a Melbourne icon and draws 40,000 local and international visitors each year.

The new mayor has indicated he will be dedicated to ensuring its integrity is strengthened for families now and into the future, saying that Bayside wants to create “something that is going to be a signature not only for Brighton but for Melbourne”.