Busy Church Street in Brighton

Bayside is home to numerous small shopping strips, including Brighton’s vibrant Church St, offering locals the chance to pick up essentials such as bread, milk or the newspaper without the inconvenience of having venture into a supermarket or shopping centre.

Preserving the unique character of these shopping strips will be top priority for the City of Bayside in a proposed amendment of the Bayside Planning Scheme.

The Bayside Small Activity Centres Strategy was implemented in June 2014 to ensure small shopping strips in the area continue to thrive. Amendment (C126) will result in the inclusion of this strategy in the current Bayside Planning Scheme.

City of Bayside Mayor James Long said that amendment C126 was designed to ensure Bayside’s neighbourhood shopping strips continued to reflect the suburban nature of the surrounding area.

“The key feature of the proposed amendment is the move to set mandatory height limits for 9 Small Commercial Activity Centres,” Cr Long said.

Council is recommending that, for the most part, height limits be set to 2 storeys in these areas, with 3 and 4 storeys proposed for a limited number of centres. Gaming will also be prohibited in three centres where it is currently possible.

Other features of the proposed amendment include building design guidelines and the rezoning of land to encourage a range of local uses and meet the community’s needs.

A full list of the proposed changes to the Bayside Planning Scheme will be available when Amendment C126 goes on public exhibition in May/June 2016.

To receive email updates on the progress of the amendment, fill out the form on the Bayside Council’s website or contact the City of Bayside Strategic Planning Department by phoning (03) 9599 4444.