Brighton Schoolhouse food review

What we ate

Food: Freaks and Geeks porridge comprised of oats and blueberries, topped with stewed rhubarb and cinnamon, a dollop of coconut yoghurt and house almond milk. The porridge, while hearty and wholesome, was surprisingly light. No doubt this was due to the use of almond milk which gave it a creamy texture without that rich, milky taste. The tart blueberries complimented the gooey, sweet rhubarb while the cinnamon added a perfect hint of spice.

Coffee: The direct trade coffee by St Ali will satisfy coffee enthusiasts and snobs alike. The blend was rich and creamy with slightly earthy notes and a lingering caramel finish.

Tea: A pot of English breakfast tea by Larsen & Thompson Speciality Teas, which made two cups, hit the spot on a chilly morning. The tea was served with a sand hourglass timer that allowed you to brew your tea to a light, medium or strong quality. It made the ritual of having tea all the more special.

Brighton Schoolhouse food review

The Freaks and Geeks porridge at Brighton Schoolhouse

About Brighton Schoolhouse

The building that houses Brighton Schoolhouse was built in 1843 and is an old school so you certainly get the sense of an historic environment as you dine. The tall ceilings, hard wooden furniture and large windows make for an open and airy environment. If it is busy, it can get quite loud so not ideal if you’re looking for somewhere quiet.

Atmosphere: Light, quaint, rustic.

Value for money: 7/10 (Porridge was $15; coffee was $4; pot of tea was $4.50).

Getting to Brighton Schoolhouse

Brighton Schoolhouse is at 15 St Andrews St, (corner Church St) Brighton. Find more information on getting to Church Street, Brighton.