Tom Wilson cafe in Brighton

Tom Wilson cafe offers patrons an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of Church St and enjoy a laid-back coffee or meal.

The Wilson St venue features plenty of greenery, with plants scattered throughout the spacious cafe, while its northerly position allows plenty of natural light to filter in.

This, combined with the crisp white walls, simple decor and black and white chequered floors give the restaurant a somewhat European feel.

The menu includes scrumptious brekkie options such as eggs benedict with slow-braised ham hock, cider hollandaise and potato hash.

The cumin and lemon fried eggs on babaganoush with mint and pide bread is a winner, as are the Nutella cream and pecan brittle waffles.

Breakfast is available until 12noon on weekdays, and all day on weekends.

Lunch options include steak sandwiches, sliders and a range of healthy salads, such as grilled zucchini and roasted beetroot, with rocket, pine nuts, currants and goat feta.

The red rice and quinoa salad is a refreshing option, featuring basil, rocket, peas, roast cauliflower, toasted almond and pomegranate dressing.

The organic quinoa, brown rice and cinnamon porridge with poached rhubarb and pepitas from Tom Wilson cafe in Brighton.

Brothers Ararat and Nick Avakian opened Tom Wilson in August 2015.

The pair have been working in the industry for about 15 years, and are responsible for two other restaurants in Brighton: Superrandom on New St and Olie and Ari on Were St.

Ararat said he enjoyed getting to know their customers.

“I love the people and the fact that it’s different every day,” he said.

“It becomes a real community at each shop.”

The cafe is named after the former mayor of Brighton, Thomas Wilson, who was in office in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Ararat said aside from the food, people were drawn to their delicious coffee, which is a blend created by Japanese barista extraordinaire, Nobu Shimoyama, comprised of Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans.

Shimoyama is an internationally-acclaimed coffee artist who ensures each visitor to the cafe receives a personalised experience. Before you take a sip, be sure to appreciate the image in your cup.

“He’s won championships internationally for his latte art,” Ararat said.

“He can do pretty much anything you want.”

Tom Wilson is open from 7am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 3.30pm on weekends.

Enjoy a delicious blend of coffee, comprised of Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans, at Tom Wilson cafe.

Visit the cafe

Tom Wilson

36 Wilson Street, Brighton

Phone: (03) 9592 9669.