With the new year just around the corner, parents are likely scoping out schools and sending off applications for their children.

Brighton has become renowned for its offering of quality schools, which has been a drawcard for families for many years.

We’ve put together a list of primary and secondary schools in Brighton to give you a snapshot of schools in the local area and hopefully make the application process a little easier.

Primary schools

  • Brighton Primary School

    Brighton Primary is dedicated to laying a solid foundation of literacy and numeracy skills for their students to build upon. The school offers specialist classes including visual and performing arts, Italian language and a hearing unit for children with hearing loss.

    Brighton Primary School: 59 Wilson St, Brighton

  • Brighton Grammar Junior School

    Brighton Grammar Junior School is a boy’s school that implements Dr Howard Gardiner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. The teaching focuses on the visual, spatial and physical learning aspects of the theory to best suit boys’ unique learning needs. This school encourages students to try a variety of activities and subjects that will open doors to many opportunities.

    Brighton Grammar Junior School: 90 Outer Cres, Brighton

  • Brighton Beach Primary School

    Brighton Beach Primary School aims to create an environment that gets students excited to attend class. They foster a tolerant and open-minded school environment that students can feel safe within. School camps are offered from Year 3 and above, and are used as opportunities to help students gain independence, team building skills and cultural education.

    Brighton Beach Primary School: 19 Windermere Cres, Brighton

  • St James Catholic Primary School

    St James Catholic Primary School offers before and after school care for children with busy parents/guardians. Offering a variety of specialty classes like performing arts and a Japanese LOTE class, St James is equipped to give its students a rich education. In his message to parents, school principal Brendan Flanagan says: “We strive for growth in all student outcomes: academic, spiritual, social and emotional”.

    St James Catholic Primary School: 6 St James Close, Brighton

  • Firbank Grammar (junior school)

    Firbank Grammar’s junior school offers a ciriculum for girls from Prep through to Year 6. The learning areas are designed with collaboration in mind, to support the learning needs and styles of individuals. Specialist subjects include art, Chinese, religious education, music and physical education, all of which form an integral part of the school’s curriculum.

    Firbank Grammar (junior school): 51 Outer Cres, Brighton

Secondary schools

  • Brighton Grammar School

    With a range of programs designed to help boys from all backgrounds with a diverse range of abilities and strengths, Brighton Grammar is prepared to teach any boy that wants to learn. The subjects on offer range from accounting to forensic science, Latin and legal studies.

    Brighton Grammar School: 90 Outer Cres, Brighton

  • Firbank Grammar (senior school)

    Firbank Grammar is a girl’s school with an on-campus boarding house for students from rural Victoria, interstate and overseas. Established in 1909, the school has a rich heritage and heralds compassion, courage, curiosity, integrity and respect as their main values. Firbank Grammar takes musical education seriously and offers lessons for a variety of instruments.

    Firbank Grammar (senior school): 51 Outer Cres, Brighton

  • Brighton Secondary College

    Brighton Secondary College is a co-ed school that practices inclusive learning. The school is prepared to support all students with differing strengths and weaknesses. Support is also offered to students struggling with personal issues with programs encompassing peer support, anti-bullying, insider parent participation and more.

    Brighton Secondary College: 120 Marriage Rd, Brighton East

  • St Leonard’s College

    St Leonard’s understands that their students’ futures rely on their ability to work well with people of the opposite gender and, as such, offer co-educational learning. The school also aims to prepare students for what comes after Year 12. Subjects at St Leonard’s range from business management to psychology, philosophy, literature and various languages.

    St Leonard’s College: 163 South Rd, Brighton East